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The Cambridge Rollerbillies are always looking for new skaters, referees and officials to join our league! If the idea of skating around at high speed whilst battling your way past the opposition sounds appealing, then Roller Derby could be the perfect team sport for you! Whether you want to play roller derby, simply learn how to roller skate or want to try your hand at refereeing roller derby then the beginners’ course is the place to start.

We run regular beginner / Freshie courses for new skaters, which will get you started with skating and Roller Derby, regardless of your level of prior experience.

When’s the next course?

Our January 2018 Freshie Course has now begun so your next opportunity to enroll on the beginners’ course will be in May 2018. Our intakes are often oversubscribed so make sure you come along to our free Meet and Greet session which will take place shortly before the next course begins. Full details of our next Meet and Greet and Freshie course will be posted on our Facebook page nearer the time, so follow us on Facebook for all the latest information.

So what’s involved?

Before each Freshie course begins, we have a Meet and Greet where you can watch some roller derby, chat with our skaters and learn more about the sport and the Rollerbillies. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for details of the next meet and greet event.

Whether you’re a complete rookie or already have some experience skating, we will teach you all of the basic skills you will need during a 10-15 week beginners’ course, commonly known in the derby world as ‘Fresh Meat’.

On the course you will learn the required skating skills essential to becoming a roller derby player or referee including how to start and stop and, most importantly, how to fall safely.

We will go through the basic rules of the game including the principles of point scoring, what the penalties are and how to tell what the refs mean when they’re waving their arms at you!

Whether you’re thinking ‘HELL YES’ or ‘Um, I want to but I’m a bit scared’, we encourage you to come along to our next Meet and Greet. We were all a little apprehensive starting out but soon felt right at home. There is a formal training structure in place which places a large amount of emphasis on the safety of our skaters and allows everyone to progress at their own pace.

Full kit can be hired from us on receipt of a refundable deposit. We’re more than happy to answer your questions and share our love of all things roller derby. If you are not on Facebook and wish to register your interest in the next Freshie course, or if you have any questions please get in touch at